Medical Qi Gong is a healing system based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, an ancient wisdom of observing the law of nature. Our system provides a complete and holistic understanding of the human mechanism, which we use to diagnose the habitual patterns of each person, both in their physical and mental body. During the practice you will be guided in your own personal alignment of Qi meridian lines that correspond to the essential organs, enabling healing of the root causes of diseases and disorders.


Through the practice of Medical Qi Gong, you will gain:

  • Personalized program of how to address individual conditions towards a state of optimal balance.
  • Basic understandings of the causes of your discomfort and disorders by experiencing the impact of the Qi, both physically and intellectually.
  • Understanding of Yin and Yang five element theory from your own body and transformation of it.
  • Practice-based experience and discovery of your own fundamental wisdom.
  • Inspiration and support for your personal practices, allowing to diligently take responsibility in your health and wellness.

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