Qi Massage is a healing system based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, tracing back its origin to the ancient wisdom of Qi Gong.  With the comprehensive understanding of acupressure points and meridian alignment, this technique is effective in promoting overall wellness whilst simultaneously neutralizing unbalanced Qi flow. The system allows the patient’s body to proactively heal itself by re-educating its own alignment intellectually, physically, and energetically. It is commonly used with a combination of Medical Qi Gong creating a perfect synergy of treatments.

Qi Massage Level 1 – Five days of discovering your wellness as a therapist

Course Descriptions:

This course is designed for therapists and body workers to develop the understanding of energy and learn how to give efficient and effective treatments while protecting their own wellbeing. During the course both Medical Qi Gong and Qi massage techniques are introduced and practiced. Using Medical Qi Gong as an essential practice, it provides students a method to develop their energy center, Tan Tien, and to cultivate a higher Qi quality. Students will learn sequences on legs & feet to apply this essence and to explore the relations of meridian alignment of both giver and receiver. The course will be taught by Ajarn Toh and TQH qualified instructors.

Participants who complete the course will have:

  • Leg and Foot Qi massage sequence -effective in enhancing overall wellness
  • Personal Medical Qi Gong program -how to address individual conditions toward profound balance in their physical and mental body
  • Development of “Tan Tien” body center and inner strength for effective & efficient treatments
  • Basic understanding of protection of their own balance for sustainable treatment
  • Practice-based experience and discovery of their fundamental wisdom
  • Inspiration and support for their personal practices to diligently take responsibility whilst achieving optimal balance


Monday to Friday 9:00-16:00 (25 hours)


Please check our Calendar for the next scheduled course.


Thai Qi Holistics in Mae Hia, 6km south of Chiang Mai city center


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