We are currently offering open public classes at different studios in the Chiang Mai city center. We invite you to come to our open classes of Medical Qi Gong to:

  • Be introduced to our Medical Qi Gong practices.
  • Explore and develop your body wisdom by mindfully listening to our inner/outer alignment.
  • Have a gateway and an invitation to more in-depth training offered at our clinic.
  • Have an opportunity for basic consultation and personal guidance



2022 Life-Long Learning : Payap University 

Qigong 氣功 for Balancing Body & Mind as we Age (Morning Session)

Holistic Self-care & Natural Living in our Golden Years (Afternoon Session)


Tuesdays, October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 15


Morning Session: 10:00-11:30AM

Afternoon Session: 1:00-2:30PM


Ajahn Toh, Jessica Handojo, Ashley Baldwin


Qigong for Balancing Body & Mind as we Age (Morning Session)

In this 6 week course, we will explore a series of standing Qigong movement and breathing exercises to build body awareness, improve physical balance, and develop skillful reflexes to protect against harmful falls. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to think more broadly about the concept “balance,” as it applies to both body and mind, and how to improve it with calmness, confidence, and ease. We will also learn about preventative care for osteoporosis, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. Course activities will include a combination of standing and dynamic exercises, seated meditation, and theory based in traditional Thai and Chinese Medicine. Beginners, as well as practitioners of all levels, are welcome.

Holistic Self-care & Natural Living in our Golden Years (Afternoon Session)

In this six week course, we will draw from the ancient wisdom of Traditional Thai and Chinese Medicines to naturally optimize health in our “Golden Age.” Each week, classes will begin with a series of seated Qigong movement and breathing exercises targeted to reverse joint degeneration, build sensation & strength in the legs and feet, and improve overall physical vitality. Following the exercise portion of class, we will introduce a topic focused on natural living, specifically for seniors. Topics will range from personal constitution analysis based in Element Theory, to learning how to work with our body’s natural “organ clock,” to using scent and taste as powerful medicines for our physical & mental wellbeing.  Practical self-care tools, such as gentle self-acupressure massage and mind-balancing meditation, will also be takeaways from the course. Weekly course materials are designed to synergize together for a well-rounded introduction to holistic living. A “pick and choose” option is available for those who would like to join for selected topics only. Beginners to Qigong and Oriental medicine, as well as practitioners of all levels, are welcome.

*Contact : thaiqiholistics@gmail.com

The Yoga Tree

Our open public classes at The Yoga Tree are on a break until further notice.



Ajahn Toh – Founder of Thai Qi Holistics

Ajahn Toh, doctor of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong master, is a recognized mentor guiding patients and students to cultivate a higher awareness of self. A highly esteemed holistic doctor within the Thai Buddhist community, he has integrated ancient wisdom of medicine and locally inherited Buddhist values to create a more dynamic and holistic approach.

Thai Qi Holistics instructors

They are Thai Qi Holistics certified instructors who have successfully completed required training. To be qualified, they need to have understandings in:

  • Group class instruction
  • Private coaching
  • Senior health care
  • Case studies of various conditions with emphasis on paralysis patients
  • Assisting with Chinese Medicine treatment including consultation and acupuncture
  • Their own personal development through the TQH system

For more details for Instructor training program, please click here.