Each Thai Qi Holistic Rehabilitation program is customized and designed according to the patient’s conditions and requests. This program is suitable for patients with chronic conditions whose recoveries demand longer and more consecutive care. Patients will be guided in Medical Qi Gong, and by using this proactive practice, coming from inside out, they will be enabled to awaken their own healing ability within. Our TQH physiotherapy and acupuncture will be applied concurrently to support the process.

TQH Rehabilitation program will help patients to:

  • Bring back strength to affected areas and an overall sense of balance.
  • Increase sensitivity and functionality of their body.
  • Regain self-confidence and feel empowered.
  • Release blockages and trauma stored in the body memory.
  • Gain overall support for their daily life activities.

We welcome any conditions below:

  • Paralysis
  • Injury recovery- sport injuries/ accidents etc
  • Post-surgery
  • And more

The treatments and instruction can be performed either at our TQH center or at the patient’s home.

Programs and fees are arranged after your first visit for a private consultation. Please contact us for bookings and inquires.