Thai Qi Holistics also offers the study options for students in Europe and around. Institute of Qigong and applied Dhamma (Institut du Qigong et Dhamma appliqué)  is situated in Bretange, France, 2 hours train ride from Paris, and serves their activities both locally and internationally.

Retreat for all

Sachie_CorbinièresCome join this 5 days retreat to get started or to follow-up with your practice. This is a gentle gateway to be introduced to the TQH system and to start directing body and mind towards optimal balance and inner strength. Former students are also welcomed to step up their practice and get the motivation and inspiration further. Each student will be personally guided step by step by Qigong, meditation and daily application of Dhamma- the Buddhism understanding of law of nature and teaching towards better beings.

TQH instructor training program

DSC07605-1Institute of Qigong and applied Dhamma offers the official study programs for TQH instructor trainees. This is a 2-weeks intensive program to deepen their understanding in TQH system and to explore into integration of the skills they have already learned. Application of the system is a large part of this journey and we encourage all the trainees to join us to fully immerse themselves into the art of application .

Qigong and meditation session for local students

Regular sessions of Qigong and meditation practices are available for local students. The foundation of Medical Qi Gong is introduced step by step accordingly to personal conditions. Each students will learn how to find root causes of discomfort and to recognize habitual patterns as they rise. The method then takes them towards the study of how to unwind the conditions by themselves through cultivating the optimal understanding of movements, breath, and awareness.


Institute of Qigong and applied Dhamma is run by Sachie Tsuyuki, senior instructor and co-founder of Thai Qi Holistics.


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