The center offers clinical services for treating a variety of health conditions, both acute and chronic, including some conditions whose treatment is beyond the scope of allopathic medicine. Following a private consultation and evaluation, patients will be treated, based on their conditions, with a combination of acupuncture, Qi Massage/physiotherapy, Medical Qi Gong exercises, and herbs.

In our clinic, we welcome conditions of:

  • Arthritis/  Rheumatism
  • Migraine/ Headache
  • Neck/ Shoulder/ Back/ Knee pain
  • Asthma/ Allergies
  • Constipation/ Diarrhea and other digestive diseases and disorders
  • High blood pressure/ Heart diseases
  • Skeletal/ Muscular dysfunctions and diseases
  • Paralysis and Central Nervous System dysfunctions
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgeries
  • Women’s Health
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management
  • And many other conditions

Please contact us for booking private consultation at the TQH center.