Welcome to Thai Qi Holistics.

We are a clinic and education centre based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, opening our services to students and patients internationally. The Thai Qi Holistics system is grounded in Medical Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine, an ancient wisdom passed through many generations. In our continuing patient services and diverse educational activities, we offer rehabilitation opportunities for treating complaints beyond the scope of allopathic Medicine.

We are a part of Association of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine. It is an established medical school in Northern Thailand, recognized for developing future doctors and therapists in Holistic Medicine.

We are currently offering:

The Founder of Thai Qi Holistics, Ajahn Toh, doctor of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong master, is a recognized mentor guiding patients and students to cultivate a higher awareness of self. A highly esteemed holistic doctor within the Thai Buddhist community, he has integrated ancient wisdom of medicine and locally inherited Buddhist values to create a more dynamic and holistic approach.

Through our education, treatments, and rehabilitation programs you can expect to:

  • Enter a path of study into the depths of your being-its physical and emotional levels, and internal and exterior disease issues.
  • Be inspired and supported by our system and thus to take responsibility for your own being, and your life.
  • Participate with our expert guidance in your own self-healing and thus to emerge from imbalance into optimal health.
  • Be heeded with compassion and without judgment, prejudice or reaction.
  • Be challenged in your beliefs, views, stances, mental attitudes, and even to be amused and uplifted.