Course Descriptions:

This 5 day Level 2 course is designed to deepen your understandings of Medical Qi Gong relating to your conditions. During the practice you will be asked to explore more precisely how to address your disorders and discomfort. There will be series of interactive lectures to invite you to further explore your spirituality and how the physical and mental conditions relate to each other. The course will be taught by Ajarn Toh and TQH qualified instructors.




Participants who complete the course will have:

  • Basic application of Buddhism and Taoism philosophy to individual habits and conditions
  • Personalized program of how to address individual conditions towards a state of optimal balance
  • Understanding of the causes of disorders and discomfort by exploring the connection of body, mind and spirit
  • Application of Yin and Yang five element theory
  • Practice-based experience and discovery of their own fundamental wisdom
  • Inspiration and support for their own personal practices, allowing each person to diligently take responsibility in their health and wellness


Monday to Friday 9:00-16:00 (25 hours)


Please check our Calendar for the next scheduled course.


Thai Qi Holistics in Mae Hia, 6km south of Chiang Mai city center


Contact us for fees and availability.