We have ongoing daily training of Medical Qi Gong for students who commit their time in modules.

Each module consists of 20 sessions and it takes from 2 weeks up to three months to complete, depending on the frequency of their visits. Students will be addressing their individual conditions through in-depth Medical Qi Gong instructions.

They will start the practices with Seven Static Poses to cultivate the foundations of their physical, mental, and spiritual body. In the appropriate timing the students will be given other sets of exercises and Qi Gong forms to further explore the wisdom of practices. These forms which involve using the whole body with dynamic movements allow them to have deeper understanding of the cause and result, and study more precisely of their physical and mental habitual patterns. This leads to unwinding the negative cycle and sets the direction towards optimal balance and confidence.

This 20 time commitment is flexible in schedule. There are sessions both in the mornings and afternoons, and weekend sessions are also available if necessary. The classes are taught by Ajahn Toh and TQH qualified instructors.

Please contact us for private consultation and program suggestions.