Our Thai Qi Holistics system specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients diagnosed with paralysis. The TQH system has been clinically proven in improving conditions associated with hemiplegia, paraplegia, Bell’s palsy, and partial paralysis that originate from strokes, accidents and other causes. We offer paralysis care ranging from clinical services at the TQH center to local care at the Sarapee Holistic Hospital and Rehabilition Center. Under the Chinese Medicine diagnostic system, which is based on the law of nature, the patients will be treated with a combination of acupuncture, physiotherapy/ Qi Massage, and Medical Qi Gong exercises. This holistic approach of using both external and internal treatment allows patients to:

  • Bring back strength to affected areas and an overall sense of balance.
  • Increase sensitivity and functionality of their body.
  • Regain their self-confidence and feel empowered.
  • Gain overall support in their daily life activities.

In addition to our ongoing clinical services, we also offer educational programs that address the treatment of paralysis patients. Please click below for details on courses currently being offered:

Pre-requisites for paralysis treatment studies:

Following completion of the prerequisites, the student will follow an individualized program under the guidance of Ajarn Toh and TQH instructors.

Contact us for your personal programs and current available courses.