DSC07538The in-depth personal practice of Medical Qi Gong is now available in Bretagne, France during the Summer. Come join to study with senior instructor and co-founder of TQH, Sachie Tsuyuki, and enjoy the personal guidance and instruction to cultivate the understanding of body wisdom. This is an ideal way to combine your summer holiday in beautiful Bretagne and to bring your mind back to the body. Come endulge yourself in the holistic healing approach, passed down through many generations.

5 session-2.5 days

A short study program suitable for your busy life schedule. Visit the country side and step out from your normal routine to get introduced to the foundation of Medical Qi Gong. Each student will be given a set of personal practices to start the healing process. Former students are also welcomed to catch up with their practice and refine it before continueing self-practice.

10 sessions-5 to 7 days

A week long study option to get into your personal practice and dive into your body and mind. This program creates a good condition to deepen your awareness of physical and mental habitual patterns, and provides the skill of how to unwind them.

20 sessions-2 weeks

The standard program of TQH. This is an in-depth study program of Medical Qi Gong to look closely into yourself and to address various conditions, using breathe, motion, and awareness. Seven static poses, Leg exercises, Seven Star form and other practices will be given accordingly to each students. Come immerge yourself into the practice and learn to fully take the responsibility of your current conditions. Changes start from being in the present moment.

Instructor Training program

The 20 sessions described above will be granted as a part of the Instructor training pragram offered in the TQH center in Chiang Mai. This is a great opportunity to start your training, or to continue your modules close to where you are. All levels are welcomed, but clear intention and motivation are required.


For more information, study fees, and different accomodation options, please contact Sachie at tqh.europe@gmail.com